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Sustainability is close to our hearts. For us, sustainability means not only focusing on environmentally friendly practices, but also taking social responsibility and promoting economic stability. We strive to use our resources sparingly and support local communities while offering our guests a memorable stay.


The Hotel Belvoir was newly built in 2009 and meets the Minergie standard for buildings supported by the cantons, the federal government and the economy. The building is state of the art with excellent comfort levels in terms of air quality, thermal comfort and protection against external noise. More quality of life, low energy consumption and practically no fossil heat generation.

EnAW – Energy Agency for the Economy

Since 2012, we have been actively involved in voluntary climate protection, with a focus on CO2 reduction and energy efficiency. In close cooperation with our energy supplier, we identified potential savings. From Monday to Thursday, we only switch on the sauna and steam bath when requested. Our intelligent kitchen ventilation only works at full speed when it is actually necessary. This and many other small changes achieve a big effect – every day we advocate for conscious use of resources.

ENAW CO2 reduzieren


Wherever possible, we use plastic-free alternatives in the kitchen, the rooms, the restaurant and our seminar rooms. For example, we have been offering plastic-free terrycloth slippers for several years and are gradually introducing other environmentally friendly products. We are continuously working to minimise our ecological footprint.

Regional products

In our kitchen, we place great emphasis on consciously purchasing regional, seasonal and sustainable products such as our eggs, which we source from the Stockengut farm nearby. Our talented chefs conjure up exclusive and delicious dishes that offer wonderful variety through the use of regional ingredients. In doing so, we guarantee not only first-class taste, but also short transport routes for our food..


In our Belvoir garden we have sown a flower meadow, which is a hotspot of biodiversity for a variety of animal and plant species. It is a paradise for butterflies and bees in particular. Our hotel guests on the ground floor also enjoy the colourful blooms.

Belvoir bees

Biodiversity is crucial for the stability of the ecosystem. Our three bee colonies on the hotel roof play an important role as pollinators for plants, including many crops. About 80% of crops rely on pollination by bees. Through their work, bees help to promote biodiversity in our region. We also produce our own honey, which we offer at the breakfast buffet.

Bild Früchte und Tafel Less Waste

Less food waste

We want to avoid food waste as far as possible. We implement various measures to reduce food waste and promote sustainable use of our resources. For example, we pay close attention to the size of our portions and offer small bowls at our buffet. Through conscious purchasing management, careful storage and versatile use of food, we strive every day to minimise our environmental impact and prevent food waste.


Together with our partner hotel Sedartis, we are committed to our employees. In addition to exciting training and further education programmes, we offer apprenticeships in various professions every year. We were awarded as a top training company because we are very committed to our apprentices and offer them an excellent apprenticeship. We also work together with leading hotel management schools to train trainees. We attach great importance to the well-being of our employees and offer them numerous benefits in order to remain attractive as an employer and to be able to establish and maintain long-term employment relationships.


WATER FOR WATER (WfW) is an internationally active non-profit organisation with the vision of making the use of water resources climate-friendly and fair. As Hotel Belvoir, we promote the environmentally friendly consumption of tap water and use the proceeds to donate to projects in Africa for the sustainable improvement of the local water and sanitation supply.


We reduce paper consumption thanks to digitalisation. Invoicing to guests is done electronically whenever possible. Suppliers are instructed to submit their invoices via our online portal. All internal processing up to accounting is done digitally. Documents such as personnel files, inventories and receipts are filed and archived electronically. This has enabled us to reduce our paper consumption by up to 75% in recent years.

Electro charging stations

We have 4 charging stations for electric vehicles in our underground car park. With this environmentally friendly offer, we provide our guests with the opportunity to use electric means of transport and actively contribute to the protection of our environment. Our electric charging stations are another step in our mission to be sustainable and create a green future.


We are in the age of sustainability and no destination stands for this prudent, resource and environmentally friendly zeitgeist like Switzerland. We have always been careful to bring the needs of guests, the local population and the environment into a harmonious relationship. That is why the Hotel Belvoir and the Hotel Sedartis support this project to launch an effective movement with the new sustainability strategy Swisstainable together with the entire Swiss tourism industry with the vision of becoming the most sustainable destination in the world.